If you need to contact anyone in the Health and Wellbeing team, please contact them by email HWBC@barnsley.ac.uk or call 01226 216233

At Barnsley College we believe that good health and wellbeing is essential for our students to achieve their goals.

Enter your Health and Wellbeing Hub, a place for everything Health and Wellbeing!

The Health and Wellbeing Centre is based at the Old Mill Lane campus and is open Monday to Friday.  The centre is staffed by the Health and Wellbeing team who are here to provide you with advice on:

Mental Health Access Team (IAPT)
Diet and nutrition advice
Contraception and Sexual Health services
Smoking, drugs and alcohol support
Antenatal and Post-natal care

Events and Promotions
We run a wide variety of events and promotional days throughout the year where we focus on a range of health related topics. These events are interactive and fun and our aim is to raise awareness of the Health and Wellbeing Centre and healthy behaviours across College. We also hold numerous roadshows throughout the year where we visit other campuses and hold our pop up stalls!

Health and Wellbeing tutorials
We have two Health and Wellbeing Tutorial Officers who work across departments to deliver health and wellbeing tutorials on a range of subjects, including;

Alcohol Awareness
Drugs and Alcohol
Drugs Awareness
Eating Disorders
Healthy Eating and Exercise
Healthy Eating on a Budget
Healthy Relationships, Consent and staying safe
HIV Awareness
LGBT Awareness
Sexual Health
Smoking Awareness
… and lots more!

For further information please contact the Health and Wellbeing Team 
Email: HWBC@barnsley.ac.uk
or call in to the Health and Wellbeing Centre in Old Mill Lane.

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events and campaigns we do:  @barnsleycollegehwbc