We generally ask for a GCSE point score of 5 or above to study a two-year A Level programme. This will include a 5 or above in English and Maths. If you have a GCSE point score between 4 and 5 you can access certain A Level subjects.

We are confident that we have a range of A Level courses that will get you to university. We will discuss entry requirements with you at interview so please come and talk to us!

Your average GCSE score will include the Grades for all your GCSE subjects, added together, then divided by the number of subjects you’ve taken.

See the example below to work out your average GCSE point score.

Subject Grade
English Language 6
English Literature 6
Maths 6
Science 7, 8, 7
History 5
Spanish 5
P.E 4
Art 5
Total 59
Average point score 5.9

To work out the average GCSE point score from the example above, divide the total Grade score of 59 by the number of subjects studied which is 10, to give an average GCSE point score of 5.9.