Barnsley Sixth Form College is excited to announce the creation of a new academic group that will begin in Autumn 2021. Here is some key information about the Academic Excellence Academy, as well as an invitation to a further information event about the Academy and how you can prepare for life as a Barnsley Sixth Form student in September 2021.

What is the Academic Excellence Academy?

The Academic Excellence Academy is a group that will meet on a weekly basis. Established, overseen and propelled by the Sixth Form’s new Academic Excellence Co-Ordinator, the Academy is designed to support high-achieving students with ambitious future plans. It will provide students with opportunities to engage with leading UK universities, develop critical skills that are desired by these universities, and ensure that they have the best chance of success when applying to university or for their next steps after college.

Why is the Academic Excellence Academy being created?

At Barnsley Sixth Form College, we are passionate about creating a culture where students are proud about their academic achievements and strive to aim high for their futures.

We believe that formalising support for high-achieving students by creating an Academy that brings together these students will enhance our culture of Academic Excellence and give our students more chance of success when being ambitious and applying to highly-competitive courses. Dedicating time to the development of key skills that leading universities are looking for in their prospective students will benefit students in the Academy, as well as helping them to become better independent learners, which will benefit them in their demanding A Level studies.

Who is the Academic Excellence Academy for?

The Academy is targeted towards students that achieve top GCSE results, as well as highly-motivated and ambitious individuals wishing to apply to some of the leading universities in the UK and Worldwide.

Places in the academy are limited, so students will have a discussion about their suitability for the programme once they have expressed their interest.

Any student that has ambitions to apply to any of the early deadline university courses (Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary) or the universities of Oxford and Cambridge will be strongly encouraged to be a member of the Academy; the skills required to succeed in applications to these highly-competitive undergraduate courses will be a key focus of the skills-development aspect of the Academy, and the Academy will present students with many opportunities to enhance applications to these universities.

How will the Academic Excellence Academy benefit me?

With weekly-timetabled slots dedicated to the Academy and its activities, access to expert advice and preparation for Higher Education is now simpler than ever at Barnsley Sixth Form College.

Your membership of the academy will give you access to the following (and much more):

When can I find out more?

During ‘Meet the Tutor’ week on the week commencing 21 June two information sessions are being planned so that you can find out more information about the Academic Excellence Academy and ask any questions that you have about it. Students will then have the opportunity to think about their enrolment in the Academy over the summer and will be able to speak to a member of staff about it in more detail when their suitability for the Academy is discussed during enrolment.

An opportunity for parents and carers to find out more about the Academic Excellence Academy is being planned during the welcome events that the college will host in the new academic year.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding the Academic Excellence Academy and would like to discuss these individually with the Co-Ordinator, please contact Joshua McKeown on