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Welcome to A Level PE!

The sports and health industries are some of the fastest growing sectors of modern society. You only have to look at the rise of performance analysis in Premier League football or at the growth of the Olympic and Paralympic movements to see that there are a huge number of exciting opportunities open to talented young people.

A Level PE is made up of three major components:
– Sports Science (Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics)
– Sports Psychology
– Sport in Society (Technology, Society & Business)

There are two examinations on these topics at the end of the second year which make up 70% of the course. The other 30% is made up of a written piece of coursework and a practical assessment.

IMPORTANT: You must be a confident practical performer that has the ability to gain video evidence in a competitive situation. Any questions on this, just email. See list of accepted sports/activities in the AQA specification: https://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resources/pe/specifications/AQA-7582-SP-2016.PDF

Your tasks to complete

Our first topic will be the cardiovascular system. Please complete the work on this page, it will give you an insight into the types of tasks and topics we will look at. You will probably have done some of this if you have done GCSE PE! You can complete it however you like (handwritten notes, word document, fill in the PowerPoint etc.).

There’s also a fun quiz for you to have a go at which shows you a range of different topics from the course.

Useful websites and other resources

An excellent YouTube channel with lots of useful videos on a range of A Level PE topics : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCChU8cYZY5xpQ7pBIklu3Xw (search James Morris on YouTube if this link doesn’t work)


AQA A Level PE Specification: https://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resources/pe/specifications/AQA-7582-SP-2016.PDF

Meet the tutors


My name is Joe Palmer, I have been teaching A Level PE at Barnsley Sixth Form College for five years. I have a keen interest the theoretical side of performance, looking at the science and psychology behind sport as well as the practical component. I enjoy Football, Mountain Biking and Cricket as well as a range of other sports. Unfortunately, I am also a Barnsley FC fan!

I look forward to welcoming you all to A Level PE in the next academic year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time via email.

See you soon,


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