Posted on May 12, 2017

Zoo visit gives students Psychology insight

Our Psychology students have experienced a close-up view of animal behaviour on a trip to Chester Zoo.

The group of 100 AS Level students visited the zoo to enhance their studies by identifying and observing attachment behaviour in a number of animals.

There were many examples of attachment behaviour that the students were able to see, notably between baby elephant siblings and their parents, such as mutual affection, proximity and play.

Baby monkeys also provided very good examples for the students to observe, as attachment behaviour in primates closely resembles that of humans.

Student Ellie Murton said. “I enjoyed looking at the monkeys and being able to link their behaviour with the work we have been doing in class.”

Dominika Kolodziejska added: “I enjoyed the zoo because it was interesting to watch how wild animals behave, even if they weren’t in fully natural environments.”

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