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Psychology is the study of human behaviour and human experience. A Level Psychology offers an engaging and effective introduction to the field. On this course you will find out about the methods used by psychologists and the theories that underpin their explanations of human behaviour and human interactions with the world. Psychologists apply their theories and explanations to understand different areas of everyday life and this is also a focus for students of A Level Psychology.

Subject content

The content of the course includes approaches and methods related to the core areas of psychology: cognitive, social, biological, developmental, individual differences and research methods, as well as explanations from different theories, along with psychological issues and debates.

In addition, there is the opportunity to see how psychology is applied in real life when we study forensic psychology, schizophrenia and gender.

This course is an award of AQA. Visit the AQA website to read the course specification.

Specific entry requirements

GCSE Grade 5 or above in Mathematics plus GCSE Grade 5 or above in Science.


Assessments will include a variety of questions such as multiple choice, short answer and extended writing/essays which will test your skills of knowledge and understanding, application and evaluation.

Progression opportunities

This course develops skills that are useful in a number of jobs and professions including law, business, medicine, journalism, marketing, advertising, personnel work, management and many more. A Level Psychology also enables progression into further study of a wide range of other subjects in Higher Education, such as health, education and social work.

Meet the A Level expert

Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca studied a BA (Hons) in Criminology with Psychology at Leeds Beckett University and a PGCE at Sheffield Hallam University.

Rebecca said: “Psychology is an exciting, and for most students, new subject that provides the opportunity to delve into the science of human behaviour. Students enjoy studying a wide range of topics and in the second year of the course learn how psychology can be applied to explain real-world behaviour, for example in forensic psychology. In addition, studying psychology strengthens skills in areas such as research, analysis, maths and science.”

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