About the subject

This course is designed to deepen your understanding and
appreciation of film. We study 11 different films looking at their social, cultural, political and historical contexts. Topics such as narrative structures, critical debates, filmmakers’ theories and ideologies behind the films are also explored, along with how
film-making techniques can create different meanings for viewers. Lessons consist of screenings, research, class discussions and essay writing.

Your tasks to complete

Read through the ‘mise-en-scene‘ PowerPoint.

Your task is to watch a short film clip of your choice roughly 2-5 mins long (you can use YouTube or other streaming platforms) and to analyse the use of mise-en-scene in this clip.

Use print screens to pinpoint which parts of the clip you are discussing and aim to write 500 words.

Pre-course reading

Eduqas Film Studies A level textbook
An Introduction to Film Studies -Jill Nelmes
A Level Film Studies The Essential Introduction- Benyahia, Gaffney and White

Extended reading

Teach yourself Film Studies – Warren Buckland
100 Ideas That Changed Film- David Parkinson
Film History, An Introduction – Bordwell and Thompson

Useful websites and other resources

A compilation of useful YouTube channels to follow:
(These are film analysis videos, behind the scenes, discussions with filmmakers etc.)

Crash course of film history:

MUBI film streaming site: hand-picked films updated daily

Meet the tutors

Hi I’m Kat, I’ve been teaching at Barnsley College for six years.

I studied Media (BA hons) at Sheffield Hallam and was co-editor of their student magazine for three years.
I love teaching film and recommend watching as many films as you can to diversify your experience.

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