About the subject

A Level Fine Art is a two-year course which provides candidates with a range of opportunities to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms. This experience lays a foundation for further study of Fine Art or related subjects in Higher Education. It is suitable for you if you want to develop your interest in and enjoyment of art.

Fine Art encompasses a wide range of techniques and processes with a particular emphasis on drawing. All students will undertake academic drawing tuition, including life drawing, in order to develop key skills before developing their own ideas and specialisms. Students can also explore painting, print, 3D, photography and digital processes.

Your tasks to complete

Observational drawing (i.e. drawing from objects/life and not from photographs) is a key skill to develop to be successful on the A Level Fine Art course. Observational drawing is the foundation upon which to develop existing skills and develop new ones. Please complete the following tasks to prepare for study in September.

  1. Objects – Gather together a range of objects that say something about you. They could include an old family heirloom, old toy, musical instrument, favourite book, favourite food. Whatever you feel best represents you, your interests and personality. Create an arrangement of the objects and draw it as accurately as you can.
  2. Self-Portrait – Simply draw and/or paint your reflection from a mirror to create an engaging self-portrait.
  3. Landscape – Draw and/or paint a landscape or place that has a significant meaning to you.

These three tasks will build up a visual representation of you as an individual and form the basis of project work.

Pre-course reading

Ways of Seeing by John Berger

Complete Artist’s Manual

Useful websites and other resources




The Hepworth Gallery

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Meet the tutors

Megan began teaching in 2017 during her PGCE year with Sheffield Hallam University. She is a graduate of the Leeds Arts University and Sheffield Hallam having received a BA Honours in Art and Design and a Masters degree in Metalwork Design. Megan is a practising multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses mainly on 3D and sculptural pieces and has exhibited throughout the country. She also has a background in curation and art retail and is keen on developing employability skills through her lessons.

Megan believes that a sense of community and support is integral to arts education and it should help to build a learners confidence in all aspects of life. She has been working alongside Richard Kitson since 2017 and their collaborative and diverse approach has allowed students to develop their own practice whilst exploring a multitude of artistic techniques.

You can contact Megan at: m.baker@barnsley.ac.uk

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