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Film Studies

This course is designed to deepen your understanding and appreciation of film. We study a range of films produced in a variety of different eras and perspectives, looking at narratives, critical debates, filmmakers’ theories and ideologies. The social, cultural, political and historical contexts of film are also explored, along with how filmmaking techniques can create meaning for the viewer. Lessons will typically consist of film screenings, lectures, discussions, essay writing and creative coursework.

Subject content

Typically in the first year of Film Studies you will study films produced from a variety of different contexts. A comparative study will take place on two Hollywood films, one from a Classical Hollywood period (1930-1960) and the other from the New Hollywood period (1961-1990) looking into their production practices along with a study of contemporary American mainstream and independent film.

You will then study two global films, one European and one produced outside Europe, to broaden your film knowledge and understanding of foreign language film.

In the second year, British film and documentary film will be studied alongside film movements such as silent cinema and experimental film looking at their stylistic developments in film history.

You can view the actual WJEC awarding body course specifications by clicking on the link below;

Film Studies on WJEC

Learning methods

The coursework component allows you to individually produce either a short film (four to five minutes) or a screenplay for a short film (1,600-1,800 words) plus a digitally photographed storyboard of a key section from the screenplay. An evaluative analysis is to be written, reflecting on your finished product.


Assessment is 70% examination, 30% coursework. You will also be assessed by written essays, homework, creative projects, group work, individual work and presentations.

Progression opportunities

Film Studies is an excellent complement to Media, English Literature, Psychology, Sociology, Politics, Law, History, and Art, Craft and Design.

Students on the Film Studies course can progress onto a variety of film or media-related careers such as a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, set designer, audio engineer, Foley artist, teacher or screenplay writer as well as having the chance to study Film Studies/Film and Media Production at Higher Education level.

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