Posted on December 9, 2020

Important information for parents and carers – 9 December 2020

As we approach the Christmas holidays, I wanted to share some updates from the Sixth Form College and to ask for your help.

We are now in our second week of the new timetable and I am really pleased with how it is going. Hopefully the team and I have been able to answer any questions and resolved any changes that were needed. If you need our assistance, please do get in touch.

I have reminded students today that if they become unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, they should take a test. Also, if someone they are in close contact with is showing symptoms, students should remain at home until the results have come back. My understanding is that tests are now very quick to book and the results are arriving back promptly.

Students can join lessons online via MS Teams while they await the results of a test. I know it can be difficult at times to make these judgments for all sorts of reasons but erring on the side of caution helps us to reduce any risk of transmission and the need for us to ask students to self-isolate.

Please ensure students follow the above instructions to avoid a potential COVID-19 spike after the holidays.

I am always available to advise on what action to take and I will be available in the lead up to classes restarting on Monday 4 January 2021, so please do get in touch.

Parents of Year 12 students

Year 12 students will finish classes on Friday 11 December and will be completing work from home next week. This work will focus on consolidating this term’s learning and give them chance to fill any gaps.

Teachers will communicate out the work and will be on hand to help between invigilating for Year 13 exams. Whilst the step up from GCSEs to A Levels is always hard, this year especially is extra difficult. Our aim is to help all students recognise the level of independent work they need to do in addition to the classroom learning. Students are encouraged to complete a minimum of five hours per subject per week, so please check in and ask them what they are doing. In January we will be revisiting study plans to support this.

All of our students should have the equipment required. If a laptop breaks or students are sharing equipment with siblings, please email to organise for a laptop to be provided. Equally if a student is getting a laptop for Christmas and they have a College one, please ask them to return it in January and we can redistribute.

In the new term we will also be focusing some of our tutorial activity on next steps into university or employment and getting students ready to plan their next steps. These sessions will be taking place as a live online session so please check that they are aware. More information will follow.

Parents of Year 13 students

Next week students are undertaking their mock exams. All students know when their exams are taking place and this week we will confirm locations for the exams. Concessions have been organised for students who need them.

All health and safety measures will be in place and students are very familiar with the protocols. These exams will measure learning to date, we want them to be supportive and a reflection of progress. We also wanted to ensure that we have a set of data to support any internal assessed grades if needed. However, students should not over worry about the outcomes of these exams, as they will do more mock exams before June. Students will also receive additional interventions in January to support their progress.

I want to reassure you that whilst we want all students to sit these exams next week, if the young person in your care or anyone in the household shows any signs of COVID-19, please contact us and we will make alternative arrangements.

Summer Exams

Extra measures to support students ahead of next summer’s exams – GOV.UK (

A set of measures have been published that include;

Once more information is published this will be shared with you. The exam season runs until 2 July for A Level exams and results day will be Tuesday 24 August. If any students are sitting GCSE Maths exams, these will be awarded on Friday 27 August.

All students break up on Thursday 17 December 2020 and return to classes on Monday 4 January 2021.

Our aim is always to provide a safe and positive learning environment for everyone. We are really proud of all of our students, they have been a credit to themselves, you and us. We look forward to seeing them all thrive and achieve their aims.

Denise Jelly
Principal of Sixth Form