About the subject

This A Level Politics qualification will help you to develop knowledge and understanding of the role politics plays in relation to current local, national, and global issues, as well as studying key thinkers and political ideas. At A Level, you will study UK politics and UK government, which will give you a set of core knowledge and understanding of politics. You will also study three core political ideas and another from a choice of five and global politics.

Your tasks to complete

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So what is politics? https://www.open.edu/openlearn/society-politics-law/what-politics/content-section-2.4

Pre-course reading

Our first topic is UK politics. Please read through these study notes in preparation.


Extended reading

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Meet the tutors

I am the tutor for A level Politics at Barnsley Sixth Form College and look forward to starting this interesting and enriching A level with you. Politics is a great passion of mine and I have a long history at the college of making sure that my students take part in enrichment activities alongside their academic studies. Some of my students have been involved in radio interviews, live Q & A with MP’s and members of the House of Lords alongside many other activities.

This A level will enable you to have an understanding of how society is run, how you can participate in politics, an understanding of global politics and core political ideologies. You will also develop critical thinking skills and the art of debating with your peers on interesting topics such as ‘should we lower the voting age to 16?’, ‘should prisoners be given the right to vote?’ or ‘ To what extent is there a ‘democratic deficit’ in the UK?’.

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