About the subject

Media Studies looks at a broad range of texts from different media areas such as magazines, newspapers, TV programmes and music videos.

We investigate issues such as representation in the media and how media industries use language to sell products to specific audiences.

Your tasks to complete

Depending on your experience of studying media, you have a choice from two tasks:

1) Choose a scene from a TV Programme (Fictional genre – drama, crime, horror etc). Analyse a 5 minute sequence from the programme considering some of the following –

Camera shots, editing, setting, lighting, costume/props, sound/music, storyline, characters.

If possible, illustrate your analysis with screen shots (500 words).


2) Write a review of a TV programme (any genre) as if you are writing for a daily newspaper (500 words).

Pre-course reading

This is a really useful website that will help with analysing films & TV programmes:


Extended reading

These are rather expensive, but are the exam board recommended books (you may find them cheaper on other sites), however they are not essential:



Useful websites and other resources

Exam board website:


Meet the tutors

My name is Simon, I’ve taught A level Media for quite a long time now having previously taught on Degree, HND & BTEC Film & Media courses.

I’ve worked on several film productions and also directed & produced several music videos & short films.

My favourite part of the Media course is teaching video/filmmaking & editing & several previous students have won awards or scholarships from their Media productions.


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