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Welcome to A Level History. We hope that you are looking forward to joining us. Here are some things you should do in preparation for starting your course.

Studying A Level History not only helps improve your knowledge of the past, but it also helps you gain skills that will be valuable to you in your future studying and career.

About the subject

The first unit you will study, is the end of Imperial Russia, examining the rule of the last Tsar, Nicholas II. We will investigate the reasons for Nicholas’ fall, the onset of revolution in 1917 (twice!), and the subsequent communist state established by the Bolsheviks. This unit covers 1894-1924.

You will also have chance to study the period 1625-1701 of British History, finding out about Charles I, his execution, the Civil Wars, Cromwell and the republic, and the restoration of the monarchy. This unit is jam-packed with kings, plots, assassinations, plagues, wars and witchcraft!

The final unit to be studied is Germany, 1870-1990, looking at the initial unification of Germany, the impact of WWI, the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, the post-WWII Germany and its split into two separate states, and the reunification process that finally culminated in 1990.

You also undertake an independent coursework study, with a choice of either examining Germany’s responsibility for WWI, or the extent to which the Holocaust was a long-term plan.

Your tasks to complete

History A Level task

As you will begin with the Russia unit, your task is to read through the material provided, and answer the questions at the end. The reading covers the introductory information you need in order to understand the situation Nicholas II inherits when he comes to the Russian throne in 1894.

Email addresses for staff are included should you have any questions.

Pre-course reading

Michael Lynch, Reaction and Revolution: Russia, 1894-1924
SA Smith, The Russian Revolution: A Very Short Introduction

Extended reading

Orlando Figes, A People’s Tragedy
Robert Service, The Last of the Tsars
Sheila Fitzpatrick, The Russian Revolution
SA Smith, Russia in Revolution: An Empire in Crisis, 1890 to 1928
Simon Sebag-Montifiore, The Romanovs

Useful websites and other resources

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I truly believe everyone should study History because to understand the present we need to study the past. I aim to pass my love of the many different aspects of history to my students to carry with them throughout their lives. I aim to make my lessons interesting and thought provoking and to encourage you to achieve your potential.

I have lectured in Early Modern History at undergraduate degree level and have taught History and Classics at A level.

Meet the tutors


A native of Manchester, I am a keen football fan and a poor joke-teller. I have a first-class degree in History, a PGCE specialised in A Level teaching, and a Masters degree in History.

I have taught History, Politics, and Philosophy at A Level, and lectured at degree level in Politics.

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