Posted on August 26, 2020

Oxford trip sows seeds of success for Tadhg

Our student Tadhg Goodison has fulfilled an ambition fuelled by an academic trip to the University of Oxford during his school days.

Tadhg, 18, has secured a place at the University’s Lincoln College to study History and Politics, four years after visiting Oxford’s Magdalene College when he was a Year 10 student at Dearne Academy.

The trip was organised by Barnsley Sixth Form College, where Tadhg studied his A Levels. That decision paid off as he achieved 2 A* grades and 2 A grades.

Tadhg said: “The trip was inspirational, seeing Oxford as a real place that accepted people from all backgrounds, not a far-away fantasy. I discovered what I’d need to do and how to achieving it to really have a chance to study at this amazing place.

“The trip was one of my first interactions with Barnsley Sixth Form College staff and they were so supportive and engaged, willing to talk about anything and encouraged us to all ask questions and get involved at all parts of the trip.

“Studying at Barnsley Sixth Form College has been amazing. I’ve met truly fantastic people and I am extremely pleased with these amazing results that I earned through years of hard work and brilliant teaching at the Sixth Form College.

Liz Leek, Deputy Principal Culture, Place and Communities at Barnsley College, added: “I remember Tadgh very well from that trip where we saw Magdalene’s Deer Park, the student accommodation and ate our lunch at the Buttery. We spoke to students who were just like Tadhg – clever, articulate and personable – and the highlight of the day was a lecture on Romanticism and Vampires!

“Barnsley Sixth Form College ran that trip as part of our mission to ensure that every student in Barnsley fulfils their true potential. I’m delighted that trip inspired Tadgh and I know he will now inspire those that follow him into our Sixth Form College.”

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