Dear Student,

Important notice –

If you have taken your test today (Friday 5 March) and been unfortunate enough to be in after the NHS website crashed, please can you keep trying to register your test at home? This will allow you access to your results.

The test site ID is BIVH.

Below are the frequently asked questions to help you complete the registration.

You need to register within 24 hours of taking the test, so keep trying and I am sure the website will come back online this evening,

Don’t worry about the result, if it was positive we would contact you.

Completing my test registration Frequently Asked Questions

What is the website for registering my test?

Who are you registering a test for?


Should I create an NHS account if I don’t have one already?

Yes, because this will speed up the process of registering for your next tests.

What email address should I use for my NHS account? 

Use your personal email address if you have one, but certainly one that you check regularly.

I don’t know my postcode. What should I do?

Raise your hand and a helper will help you out.

What do I do once I have created an NHS account?

Click the ‘register a test’ button.

My barcode won’t scan. What should I do?

Enter the barcode number into the two boxes instead.

What is the testing site ID?


Confirm the test site.

Select ‘I used this test site’.

Were you asked to take part in daily contact testing?


What hour should I select for my test?

Select the start of the hour you are currently on.

If you are on 11:55, for example, select 11 as your hour.

If your hour is ‘12’, it is ‘PM’ that you select.

Do I need to know my NHS number?