Posted on May 8, 2015

New A Level in Economics on offer at Barnsley Sixth Form College

Students can study A Level Economics at Barnsley Sixth Form College from September.

The course is being introduced for new A Level students this year and will allow them to begin to analyse a country’s economy; exploring how a country uses its resources, the effect of taxes on a population, why businesses succeed or fail and why and when Governments might decide to intervene.

Economics tutor Owen Meredith said: “This is a great new study opportunity for students interested in beginning to understand the workings of national and international economies and ultimately answer the question ‘how can we best use our limited resources to satisfy our unlimited wants?’. The subject goes very well with A Levels in Maths, Sciences, Business and Social Sciences and is a great addition to our already varied A Level programme. Economics is well regarded by the top universities so achieving an A Level in this subject can really help with progression to Higher Education and into work.”