Posted on April 17, 2018

Milly’s wise words for students

Our students had a date with a best-selling author when local writer Milly Johnson paid us a visit.

Milly read extracts of her fourteenth novel, The Perfectly Imperfect Woman, which was published in February.

She also gave the students various tips on how to get ahead in life and be successful, ranging from a stress reduction exercise to highlighting the importance of saying ‘thank you’ in life.

Milly’s two most important pieces of advice were to do your best in everything to avoid looking back with regret and to pick a job you really want to do as you’ll give it your all and succeed.

Milly said: “I wanted to show the students a real life example of someone who initially thought ‘Kids like me from Barnsley do not become international best-selling authors’. This view then changed to ‘Actually, why shouldn’t we? I’m going to give it my best shot’, then to ‘I’m an international best-selling author.’

“It’s amazing what you can pull out of the bag with some confidence and self-belief and by stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself. I wish the students all the very best because being sixth form age might be scary but is also incredibly exciting, as it is the first step to being exactly what you want to be.”

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