Dear Parent

Your son/daughter will have received the information below and it will have also been discussed in tutorial. I wanted to explain a little further.

Each year students undertake Pre-Public Exams in late May the purpose is three-fold. Firstly to give students an experience of what to expect in the following summer, enable students to demonstrate their exam technique, revision and knowledge. Lastly it supports teachers to predict a UCAS grade for every student.

Students are encouraged and supported to do their best, students who put in the effort and revise will feel confident about undertaking the exams. All students should be studying at least 5 hours outside of lessons per subject.

Students who achieve less than a D grade will be required to take another exam in August before they return to Year 13 study. This is to ensure that the subject progression is right for them.

Students have been asked to complete a Microsoft Teams Form so we can gather information about student’s next steps. Please do check that they have completed this. The information is being used to organise meetings to support students with their next steps.

Whilst it is anticipated that the majority of students will continue with their current programme of study it is expected that a number of students will require further advice and guidance to discuss the varies alternative options available. If you’re concerned about your son/daughters progression and wish to discuss further please contact us. Kerry and I can hold meetings with parents and students to discuss options.

Students have had access to a range of information about university, higher degree apprenticeships and employment to support them with their next steps. To support you as parent/guardian we will be holding our annual University and Next Steps Information Evening on Wednesday 12th May over Zoom. Session times will be 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. Please complete the link below to confirm which session you would like to attend.

You will receive next week a link to the event, you will need to download Zoom in advance. A recording will be made if you are unable to attend.

I would just like to ask you to remind your son/daughter to ensure they are reporting their COVID tests both to the NHS and College. So far our return since March to campus is going very well and it wonderful to see our students interacting with their teachers and peers.

Please do get in touch if you require assistance.

Best wishes

Denise Jelly

Principal, Barnsley Sixth Form College


Dear Student

Re:         Year 12 Pre-Public Exam week and Progress into Year 13

The purpose of the Pre-Public Exam week is to firstly give you the experience of sitting assessments under exam conditions, this helps develop strategies for managing stress and enables you to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and application of your subjects.

Ofqual are currently discussing what the approach could be for summer assessment 2022. More details will follow in due course.

All exams will be carried out under COVID safe measures, as such the exams are set up in the EnRich Theatre and classrooms on Level 2/3. On the following dates you will be off timetable so that you can prepare and undertake your exams 25th to 27th May.

It is important that you prepare yourself fully to sit these exams and that means creating a revision plan and carrying it out. Remember that you need to be studying at least 4 to 5 hours per subject per week. Our expectation is that you are continually revising.

The Pre-Public Exams are measuring progress during year 12 and give an indication of what you may achieve in Year 13. Therefore, they are used to inform UCAS predicted grades in term 1 of Year 13.  However, opportunities to submit additional work in September are available to improve the UCAS grade if needed.

To be successful on the A level Linear courses you should be achieving 1 grade within your MTG in year 12 and ideally at your target grade. Do not worry! If you are working hard outside of the classroom you will achieve this by year 13 everybody learns at a different pace.

This academic year has been the most challenging ever both in general life and in education. The disruption to your learning as affected both your Year 11 and 12 experiences. Therefore, our approach this year will be slightly different to previous years.

The focus during April and May: –

A Levels are a two year course that build on knowledge and then application, to ensure that you are successful in the summer of 2022 you need to;


You should have completed the Microsoft Teams Form about next steps, this information is being used to organise follow up meetings with students who are unsure of what to do next. Please ensure that you have completed this by Monday 26 April.

With such a turbulent year it is expected that some students are wanting advice about alternatives to carrying on with A Levels. If this applies to you, please let your academic coach know and a meeting can be set up.

Next Steps – Progression


Everything is fine! Student is carrying on with A level Study Programme.


I want to carry on with A levels, but I need advice about my subjects.



I do not think I want to carry on with A levels and want to discuss a different course for September.
Student signs enrolment form in Academic Coaching session in May


Tell your academic coach and attend a meeting with Kerry or Denise to discuss a solution. Tell your academic coach and then attend a meeting with your PPM.
Student signs enrolment form once a solution is agreed. Kerry to complete transfer form, have an interview and confirm a different new study programme.

All students will have an enrolment and progress review meeting with their Academic Coach. These meetings will take place in May 2021.

During the progress review meeting your Academic Coach will be asking you for evidence of how you have been approaching your studies and the levels of effort you have displayed during year 12.

For instance: –

Do you have a revision plan?

What revision have you been doing over the year?

Were you confident about answering the questions in the exams? Can you apply your knowledge?

What are you doing about gaining these skills?

A Levels are challenging work but with consistent effort they are very do-able. Putting in hard work will enable you to get places on the best university courses and higher apprenticeships after A Levels.

Pre-Public Exam Schedule

Subject  Venue
Tuesday 25th May – 9am
Psychology  SG.04 – 1.11/1.12 – 1.24/1.25 – 2.11/2.12
Law  3.12/3.13 – 3.10 – 3.11
Business 2.21/22 – 2.20 – 2.25
Physics  3.23 – 3.22
Tuesday 25th May – 1pm
English Language  2.21/2.22 – 2.20 – 2.25
I.T  3.08/3.09
Chemistry 1.11/1.12 – 1.24/1.25 – 1.09
History  SG.04 – 3.12/3.13 – 3.10
Drama 2.09
Wednesday 26th May – 9am
Sociology  SG.04 – 1.11/1.12 – 1.24/1.25
R.S  2.21/2.22
Film Studies  2.11/2.12
Geography 3.12/3.13 – 3.11
P.E  2.10
Wednesday 26th May – 1pm
English Literature  2.21/2.22 – 2.20
Politics 2.11/2.12
Clashes SG.04
Thursday 27th May – 9am
Biology  SG.04 – 1.11/1.12 – 1.24/1.25
Economics  3.12/3.13 – 3.11
Computer Science 3.08
Spanish 2.19
Thursday 27th May – 1pm
Maths  SG.04 – 1.11/1.12 – 1.24/1.25 – 2.11/2.12
French  2.18
Media 1.24/1.25
Medical Science 3.12/3.13

All exam concessions will be arranged, and information will be communicated to you via your Academic Coach.

If you have a clash, you will be given the option to decide which exam to sit first.