Posted on April 4, 2016

Final James Hudson Taylor trail plaque now in place

The final heritage plaque on the James Hudson Taylor trail was installed recently on the wall of the new Barnsley Sixth Form College campus.
James Hudson Taylor was born in Barnsley in 1832 and went to China, founding the China Inland Mission which is one of the largest Christian movements in the world.

In May 2012 the original Hudson Taylor Trail was officially opened featuring 14 plaques around the Barnsley area marking historical sites. The plaque on the Sixth Form College, originally on the Central Library, marks the site of the White Bear where Anglican minister John Wesley, credited with founding the Methodist movement, preached to the people of Barnsley.

The plaque had been removed from the library to allow the £18m Sixth Form College, which opened in January 2016, to be constructed.
Members of the James Hudson Taylor Group, Barnsley College Principal Chris Webb and Barnsley Sixth Form College Principal Liz Leek attended the installation ceremony to see the plaque returned to its rightful place.

James Hudson Taylor Group member Michael Rossiter said: “I am very happy that the placement of the last trail plaque on the wall of the college means that the James Hudson Taylor trail is now complete. The James Hudson Taylor group hope that the trail will bring people from China and other parts of the world to Barnsley to see the birthplace of this great man.

“We are happy that the last plaque has been placed on a building that has a connection with China through its International A Level provision at Jinling College, Nanjing, China.”

The event was filmed by visitors from China for a promotional video to encourage other Chinese tourists to come to Barnsley and take part in the trail. Other sites of interest include Cheapside where Taylor was born and the Lamproom Theatre.

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