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This course will help you develop your knowledge of the French language and your understanding of French culture and society through the study of authentic and current articles, modern literary texts and films. The study of French at A Level will enable you to develop excellent communication and critical thinking skills, explore a wide range of topics about French contemporary society and give you the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of your choice.

Subject content

In year one you will focus on technological and social change within French society such as the changing nature of family or the ‘cyber society’. You will also study either a modern literary text or a film and learn about highlights of French artistic culture including music and cinema. Throughout the two-year course you will build on your knowledge of the grammar learnt for GCSE and study the grammatical system and structures of the language.

In year two you will cover further aspects of French society such as multiculturalism and diversity, life for the marginalised and how criminals are treated. You will also look at aspects of political life in France including how young people engage with politics. You will also study a second literary text or a film. You will be given the opportunity to carry out independent research on an area of your choice. The study of grammar will continue.

To really help you develop your speaking skills and increase your confidence, you will be asked to attend a 30-minute speaking session each week, either on an individual basis or in a small group.

This course is an award of AQA.

Specific entry requirements

GCSE Grade 6 in French.

Learning methods

You will experience a wide variety of methods of learning, including paired work and group work on a particular topic, traditional lessons, individual work such as listening activities, research work on a topic of your choice and literary analysis on a novel or a film. You will practise different skills every lesson, including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

You will be expected to use websites such as Kerboodle, Languages Online, YouTube and others to support your learning. You will also use the AQA-endorsed textbook which will be supplemented by the Elan grammar book.


Assessment is by examination.

  • Paper 1 is a listening, reading and translation paper which will assess the topics covered during the course.
  • Paper 2 is a writing paper which will assess the texts and/or film studied during the course.
  • Paper 3 is the speaking exam which assesses the individual research project and some of the topics studied.

Equipment/additional costs

Trip to France or a French speaking country (approximately £200-£300).

Progression opportunities

This course is suitable for students who wish to progress to employment or on to Higher Education. There are many courses at university where you can combine languages with another subject, for example business, law, teaching or travel and tourism.

Knowledge of a foreign language will definitely improve your job prospects and career opportunities. Employers value language skills highly and language graduates are always sought after.

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