Posted on June 24, 2016

Barnsley Sixth Form College welcomes Dan Jarvis MP

Barnsley Sixth Form College welcomed Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis to a debate between students, to discuss the talk of the UK, the EU Referendum.
The debate on the afternoon of the referendum, gave the students the opportunity to express their opinions on what has been a momentous day. The day included EU quizzes and activities, while students were able to sample food from a number of European countries.
Barnsley Sixth Form College Principal Liz Leek addressed the pupils before they engaged in discussion in the presence of Dan Jarvis MP. Students were encouraged to take part in political events and take their experiences with them.
Liz said: “The pupils worked really hard forming compelling opinions and despite not having the opportunity to vote, some of their arguments were well researched and executed.”
From September 2016 Barnsley Sixth Form College will be offering a new A Level in Government and Politics. Students will study subjects such as People, Politics and Participation and Governing Modern Britain.
For further information about A Level courses available at Barnsley Sixth Form College please call 01226 216 123, or email